Support Palestine-Friendly Businesses

Places in the Portland area to buy Palestinian products
There are many organizations worthy of support;
here are just a few ideas for helping!
*Buy Canaan Fair Trade. Support local stores which carry Palestinian
Fair Trade Olive Oil.*
Canaan Fair Trade olive oil is available at the following stores:
* Portland
o Global Exchange on Hawthorne
o Pastaworks (both Hawthorne and NW 21st Avenue stores)
o Ten Thousand Villages on NW Everett
o Indigo Traders in Multnomah Village
o Food Front on NW Thurman
o Otto’s on SE Woodstock
o Alberta Co-op on NE Alberta Street
* Vancouver
o Mint Tea on Main Street
* Hood River
o Small Planet Trading on Cascade Avenue
The Nabali Tree is the native olive tree of Palestine – medium with a
fruity flavor and peppery finish. The Rumi Tree has been cultivated in
Palestine since the Roman Empire — robust and buttery. Want to help
bring Canaan Fair Trade to your local store? Contact them at
Support the US Campaign to End The Israeli Occupation*
One of the best and most enduring ways to help Palestinians is to end
U.S. support for Israel’s occupation, settlements, and Apartheid
system. The US Campaign has about three full time staff for the entire
country and needs our support. In comparison, the Western offices alone
of right wing pro-Israel lobby AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs
Committee) have 48 full time staff! Let us put our money where our
mouth is! Consider becoming a member of the US Campaign’s Olive Branch
club by giving monthly. Even a small amount monthly improves cash flow:
* Click Here to subscribe to the Olive Branch Club
*Or donate to the Campaign’s Olive Tree replanting project
Support Friends of Sabeel — North America*
Friends of Sabeel operates the biggest and most successful efforts of
outreach to the churches and general education about Palestine / Israel
through its excellent conferences across the country. The next one is
in Seattle on February 19-20, 2010. After that there is one in Honolulu!
* *
*Support ICAHD’s project to end home demolitions!*
Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes is integral to the expansion of
settlements across the West Bank. The loss of a home causes immense
hardship to entire Palestinian families. These are the stories of just a
few Palestinian families who saw their lives thrown into chaos by a
sudden and painful demolition. There are thousands upon thousands more.
*Shop at Indigo Traders in Multnomah Village* – owned by someone from Nablus!

2 Responses to Support Palestine-Friendly Businesses

  1. doodzable says:

    Hello There,
    Can you please provide resources and lists of the products people should Boycott ??

    • SOS says:

      Hi, you can refer to our resources link for products that New Seasons carries, also the bds international website has links as well. Checking country of origin helps as well when you are buying products as each country/city/store varies in the products it carries. These products are changing/growing all the time so you have to take some initiative as well to be aware of the products you are buying. Take care and thanks for your concern!

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