Products to Boycott at New Seasons

Energ Wheatfree crackers and pretzels
Alternatives: Snyder’s of Hanover, Mary’s Gone Crackers

Frontier CoOp & Simply Organic bulk & bottled dill weed
● Alternatives: Spice Hunter, Starwest

Frontier CoOp bulk citric acid
● Alternatives: Now citric acid, Mountain Rose

Kedem kosher tea biscuits
● Alternatives: Kosher Tam Tam crackers, kosher MilDel
crackers and kosher Lorna Doone

Telma kosher chicken, beef & vegetarian broth cubes
● Alternatives: Rapunzel, Superior Touch

Osem falafel mix
● Alternatives: Near East, Fantastic

Osem Israeli couscous
● Alternatives: Near East, Casbeh, and bulk Israeli couscous

Binyamina cabernet merlot
● Alternatives: Herzog of CA, Barentura, Romon Cardova

Hanukkah gelt/chocolate coins
● Alternatives: Candy Warehouse, Fair Trade Judaica

Glutino chocolate & vanilla wafers, cookies; chocolate & peanut butter candy pretzels; gourmet crackers; chocolate & yogurt covered pretzels
● Alternatives: Mary’s Gone Crackers, Gorge Delight, Lucy’s, Nana’s, Wow, Enjoy Life, KinoToos, MiDel.

Sabra hummus
● Alternatives: King Harvest, Lilly’s


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