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Portland Boycott SodaStream Coalition

Action Announcement

Portland’s SodaStream Boycott Team is joining the National SodaStream Boycott events beginning on Nov. 29, 2013.   Click Here to signup to our campaign: http://www.auphr.org/pdxbdsinvite.php

For more than a year, religious and human rights organizations across the country have urged Macy’s and Target to de-shelve SodaStream products because of SodaStream’s complicity with Israel’s occupation and settlements. This fall, Friends of Sabeel – North America began a “SodaStream 14” campaign to send letters to CEOs of Macy’s, Target and other corporations. Local Human Rights organizations and concerned citizens have also contacted the downtown Macy’s and Target Galleria stores, providing information about SodaStream’s role in the military occupation of Palestine, and requesting that these stores de-shelve SodaStream products.  Leafleting and speaking with customers who shop at these stores is a logical and necessary next step. Click here to see the letters we sent locally to Target or Macy’s. For more information about the SodaStream boycott campaign go to: www.sodastreamboycott.org

Join us to boycott the sale of SodaStream at Macy’s and Target in downtown Portland.


We will meet outside of Target (939 SW Morrison, Portland, OR 97205) and go from there. 

We will do two actions on Friday, November 29th: 1-2:30pm and 5-6:30pm. 

Then we will do an action from 1-2:30pm each Saturday before Christmas: Dec 7th, Dec 14th, and Dec 21st and 26th.

SodaStream 14 campaign: http://fosna.org/content/sodastream-14-join-our-corporate-ceos-letter-campaign

SodaStream Boycott: http://sodastreamboycott.org

4th Sundays of the month meetings for PDXBDS 


contact: pdxbds@gmail.com for more information 


14 Responses to Upcoming Events

  1. Greg says:

    When are you going to call for divestment against countries that really practice apartheid – like Saudi, or Iran? I beg for a real understanding to what I see is purely hypocritical position.

    • Connie says:

      This is disguised ANTI-SEMITISM. Have you been to Israel? Are you aware of the number of Palestines living in Israel (not to mention that Jews living there forever are called Palestines). They have voting rights and social security benefits. It’s not perfect but they are happy living in a democratic country that takes care of their people. What you need to ask is what is happening to the financial aid Israel provides for Gaza? Who really is benefiting from this conflict?

    • Abe says:

      For real: This morning I told a friend I had recently taken up a cause of human rights. My friend said, “Great, tell me all about it.” I explained that I had joined with Christian churches of many denominations, and with Jewish and Muslim friends and colleagues, to advocate for basic human rights for Palestinians who suffer endless, well-documented, ongoing human rights violations by an illegal military occupying power. My friend replied with harsh criticism in her voice, “People right here in America also need help. Why don’t you just help them?” I concluded from that discussion that, no matter what good deeds one does for others in need, there will always be some who criticize you for those good deeds.

  2. Ben says:

    While you are protesting Israeli couscous, there are people being massacred on the streets of Syria. Your Organization is truly warped

  3. sartawi says:

    Ben & Greg , I think a 60 year old unsolved problem should have more priority and attention , Don’t you think so? not ignoring other issues but where were you guys 5 , 10 , 15 , 20 , 30 years ago .?!!!
    Thank You BDS , Great work

    • Ben says:

      I agree with you sartawi. The 60 year old problem should have more priority. The problem is that your placing blame on the Israelis when it should directed at Hamas, who actively calls for Israel’s destruction, and the Palestinians, who refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Israel is not the problem. Israel has been around for the past 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 years. The real question is where were the Palestinians been 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30 years ago when they could have agreed to a peace treaty. Lets take a look at the facts….Israel agreed to peace in 1948, but the Palestinians and Arab countries rejected it…The Israelis also agreed to peace in 2000 when the Palestinians rejected it…..The Israelis have sought peace in the 50’s and 60’s when the Palestinians and Arab League came out with their 3 famous “no’s”. No negotiation, no recognition, and no peace. The Israelis have signed peace treaties with the Egyptians and Jordanians. Choosing war and intifadah is not an answer Sartawi…sorry, but if you truly want your boycott to be succesful, you should aim it at countries (or groups) that deserve to be boycotted…like Iran, Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc….Boycotting the only pluralistic and democratic country in the region is not productive, its destructive.

      • Brilliant Ben! They want to boycott crap powdered falafel mix manufactured by some mammoth Israeli conglomerate. Osem and similar Israeli companies are akin to the hugest corporations in the US and EU, and boycotting them, along with the dozens of other companies targeted by the Bile Dumping Sewer, will have a wildly-resounding ZERO effect. Rather than cutting and pasting, I’ll refer you to ‘Israel’s Economy on Wikipedia’. You’ll be quite reassured I’m fairly certain. To our friends at BDS; Just say ‘Billions, and billions, and billions…’ {Repeat as nauseum}

  4. Greg says:

    If you think its up to the Israelis alone to solve the problem, you know don’t have any understanding about how peace works. Its take two to make peace – and the Israelis are the only side that has actually made concrete steps in that direction.

  5. Ben says:

    Its pathetic how groups, like BDS, are trying to monopolize the suffering. People are suffering on both sides. And that suffering continues because of orgnanizations like Hamas, who actively call for Israel’s destruction, and the Palestinian leadership, who dupes their people into false hopes about a right of return that will never happen.

  6. Elhoussaine says:

    I’m wondering what type of democratic State are you talking about Connie, Ben and on and on.
    don’t you read the daily new of the occupation? just Google Vanunu to learn about what kind of democracy ” Israel” is practicing.

  7. Palestinian says:

    There is nothing called israel, its a called state with no right to exist. israeli have kicked out Palestinian from there land and not only that but forced brutality over the remaining population. Before the israeli occupation in 1948, Palestinians never showed any kind of discrimination within the land between different religions which included Jews as they believed that Land is for everyone and religion is for GOD, yet israeli and under the name of GOD and the Jew religion kicked, killed, mascaraed Palestinians.
    The so called relief aid which is given to Palestine is a joke as how could a person give aid to someone who he is killing and who would actually accept? Additional, what about the international aid which is rarely allowed to enter Gaza and stay on israeli controlled border until its expired?
    As for the so called Palestinian citizens living in areas controlled by israeli, aren’t they treated with humiliation by isreali at check points, airports, shops, hospitals, schools….
    Israel is the biggest democracy joke as those who call themselves israeli know that there is no democracy in such a system.

  8. Sara says:

    The Palestinians were being driven away from their country, denied any right in any other Arab country. Thats exactly what the Palestinians were doing 5, 10,15, 30 years ago! Do not talk about atrocities! Look at how many Palestinians have died ever since 1948 and how many Israelis have died… Really?? Now you have Hamas to blame, but have you forgotten there was no Hamas in 1948 when my pregnant Palestinian grandmother walked all the way to Lebanon because you took her life away from her, and lived in refugee camps. So, umm, don’t even talk about peace now, because Israel has never wanted peace.

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