Ethics Code

We are asking companies to adopt the following principles in their Code of Ethics:

Guiding Principles for a Business Code of Ethics that supports Palestinian Human Rights and Self-Determination

1. No participation in any way with the Israeli military or with other Israeli security institutions (Shin Bet (Shabak), etc.) involved with maintaining the illegally occupied territory outside of the internationally-recognized borders of the state of Israel (the Green Line).

2. No established offices, factories, headquarters etc. in the Occupied Territories.

3. No trade with Israeli businesses headquartered or producing goods or services from within the Occupied Territories.

3. For companies within Israel (within The Green Line), stated policies that support social, economic, and political justice and equality for all citizens


3 Responses to Ethics Code

  1. Greg says:

    Do you also not participate or support groups that support Arab governments that are murdering their citizens? How about Hamas who is firing rockets into Israeli cities? I suspect not.
    I respect your passion for people who you have nothing to do with and that you feel are misfortunate in some way, however your efforts are at best misguided.

    • Jana says:

      Mr. Greg, you are the one who’s misguided by your media serving “Israel”!
      Unlike what your governments are trying to convince you, Hamas is a legal right of the Palestinian people who are fighting for their freedom and for getting their homeland back. The International laws and conventions state that resistance is a legal right as long as an occupation exists. Palestinians have suffered and are still suffering since 1948 from the RACIAL “Israeli” who KILLS AND TORTURES WOMEN AND CHILDREN EVERY SINGLE DAY. Arab past and present are FULL OF ISRAELI TERRIBLE MASSACRES my dear.
      If you don’t believe what I said, simply go to Google, but first prepare yourself for bloody scenes!

    • Sara says:

      There is always two sides of the story. Yours is one, mine is the other. I do not support Hamas, I support Palestine, two different entities. What they are doing is boycotting the products of the people who unjustly took our country and are still to this day coming atrocities to palistinians. I am from the Sabra and Shatila camp where my neighbors, their cousins and my cousins where killed! So, if in any way they can stop more of the Israeli wrath against Palestine, I support them, maybe one day I will get to see my country like any human has a right to.

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