Soda Stream Black Friday Action at Target

-1Background:  For more than a year, religious and human rights organizations across the country have urged Macy’s and Target to de-shelve SodaStream products because of SodaStream’s complicity with Israel’s occupation and settlements. This fall, Friends of Sabeel – North America began a “SodaStream 14” campaign to send letters to CEOs of Macy’s, Target and other corporations. Local Human Rights organizations and concerned citizens have also contacted the downtown Macy’s and Target Galleria stores, providing information about SodaStream’s role in the military occupation of Palestine, and requesting that these stores de-shelve SodaStream products.  Leafleting and speaking with customers who shop at these stores is a logical and necessary next step.

PDX SodaStream Boycott Team has planned a series of leafleting events starting on Black Friday (November 29th, yesterday) and continuing the next three Saturdays in December – December 7th, 14th, and 21st.   On those three Saturdays, we’ll meet at 1:00 P.M. at the Target Galleria store in downtown Portland, for 90-minute leafleting sessions (yes, just 90 minutes).   We’re conducting the leafleting events as part of a national boycott effort called SodaStream Boycott “National Days of Action”.  We invite you to join us for these leafleting events.

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