Portland BDS Coalition Mobs New Seasons!


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17 Responses to Portland BDS Coalition Mobs New Seasons!

  1. Debby says:

    this shows why grey hair brings wisdom—apparently you do not have enough homework since you do not know that the Palestine people have been kicked out of Iraq– Jordan no one in the middle east wants them. Please check out your history class. I also know you will not post this as you only belive in the freedom of speech when every one says what you believe.. My prayers are with you…Debby

  2. Maria Molina says:

    Other arab countries aren’t granting dual citizenship because they don’t want Palestinians permanently losing their identity.

    I’m from Gresham, and have lived in the middle east about 15 years. Boy was my American bubble burst when I saw what was REALLY going on here. SO MUCH goes totally unreported in the US. The work you all are doing to educate people and get the word out about whats happening here is so important. There’s hope for us yet- keep up the good work!! 🙂

    • Ben says:

      Jews lost their identity as Iraqis, Yemenites, Saudis, Lebanese, Egyptians and basically every other Arab country in 1948…Israel accepted the Jews and granted them citizenship. Get over the right of return and contribute to society. Since 1948 Israel has built an oasis in a region of turmoil. The Arab states should do to the Palestinians what Israel did to the Jews. The Arab states are using the Palestinians as pawns…dont be fooled…this has nothing to do with preserving the Palestinian identity.

      • Connie says:

        This is 100% right on the mark. What has Egypt and Jordan contributed to the Palestinians? Maintaining this problem politically benefits these countries. They are not stupid. Why don’t the Arab states accept and help their people as the Jews have done in the region?

  3. Maria Molina says:

    Queen Rania herself is from a Palestinian family. So…. are they *really* “kicking out Palestinians ” from Jordan?

  4. halemahd says:

    God willing Palestine will be free!!!!! Amazing work.keep it up.

  5. Hjallgrimm says:

    While I can appreciate the effort and the intention. This whole deal, especially the “flash mob” seems a bit mis-guided. One could easily make this same case for Native American nations, Hawaii, Quebec, Scotland. Why Palestine? Israel has few options when Palestinian leadership (currently Hamas) can do nothing but “promise” to not be hostile, when only recently the party charter for Hamas stated that Israel did not have the “right to exist” as a nation. While I agree something must be done and a peaceful agreement needs to be made, simply demanding that Israel “give back” the land is not realistic. It would be irresponsible of Israel to do so, as it would be putting a large percentage of Israeli citizens, those living in and near the disputed land in harms way, even more so than now. Also, in region where the general attitude toward Israel is less than friendly, it serves to do more harm than good for Israel to give in to the demands of not only Hamas, but terrorist and extremists as well, as multiple groups have stated they will not stop until Israel is no more. That said, I do not feel that Israel is blameless, they have a part in this issue, and will need to make some concessions for peace.

  6. Arielle says:

    The Jewish population in Portland is extremely unrepresented: we don’t have a single Kosher restaurant or food store. New Seasons is one of the only places in town that sells Jewish products. The situation in the middle east is much more complicated than a Flashmob, which, if successful, will not change the dynamic between Israel and Palestine, but only further make Portland Jews feel a need for a Jewish state, where we are free to have products that represent our culture.

    Nearly everyone in the video is white. Why not boycott American-made foods, since we’ve oppressed the Native Americans?

    • Vicky says:

      Why not campaign to have kosher products stocked in other shops? The fact that other stores aren’t carrying them suggests that the Jewish community (or at least the section of the community that keeps kosher) isn’t big enough to warrant it. New Seasons carries a fairly limited range of Israeli goods (not all of which are even kosher). It’s certainly not enough to base a kosher diet on, so their absence from the New Seasons shelves would make no practical difference to kosher-keeping Jews whatsoever.

      I work with a humanitarian charity in Palestine, and I have friends and colleagues who do aid work in other countries. I can honestly say that my colleagues in the Congo or Sudan never have to hear, “But why don’t you campaign for the Kurds/North Koreans/Dalit people in India instead? They’re oppressed too!” This is a technique that seems to be reserved exclusively for those of us working for justice in Palestine, along with ‘but the situation is just so complex, you couldn’t possibly understand’. This is a fairytale akin to ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’. A five-year-old child was arrested in Silwan last week by the Israeli army. The week before, it was a seven-year-old and an eight-year-old. The seven-year-old’s Israeli lawyer, Leah Tsemel, wasn’t allowed near him; when she tried to enter the interrogation room, she was arrested herself. There is nothing ‘complex’ about this. It’s exactly what it looks like: gravely wrong. And these are just two stories from the past two weeks. I have come across far worse in the years I’ve been involved in peace work here. Injustice like this is not part of anybody’s culture, and by supporting Israeli companies we are propping up that injustice.

  7. Nawel says:

    Thanks for sharing and for supporting the Palestinian cause! I wish I was still in Portland to participate.. 😦
    Oh, I was so glad to see you on this video :)… I’m sending you my best greetings and loads of thanks on behalf of my Palestinian brothers and sisters! Palestine will be FREE..insh’Allah 🙂

  8. N/A says:

    Let’s imagine that New Seasons actually does go along with this idiocy (hint: they won’t) ….do you really think that will somehow stop Israel and Palestine from bickering? Do you even think it will make the slightest dent in Israeli businesses? Of course not. Do you think a kosher-buying customer will really stop buying Israeli brands because they can’t get them at New Seasons anymore? No, they’ll just have to buy them from a national chain store or some other such bullshit. All you’ve succeeded in doing is (slightly) harming the business of a local business that’s supporting local farmers and providing higher paying jobs than Whole Foods, Safeway or Wal Mart. But I’m sure glad you all feel so smug and proud of yourselves.

  9. Ben says:

    Instead of trying to destroy the economy of the only democratic country in the Middle East, perhaps you could attempt to reach out to your fellow Israelis and help find a peaceful solution. Your boycott is as harmful to the Palestinian plight as the violent intifadahs of the 80′s and 00′s. Ironically, while your organization is boycotting Israeli couscous, the Syrians are massacring their people in the street. You are targetting Israel while giving a free pass to countries that are actually committing war crimes. One has to wonder why you are so obsessed with ONLY Israel. You claim not to be anti-semitic, but it seems like the only country you target is the Jewish state…even though Israel has a full fledged democracy where Arabs play an intricate role including generals in the army, supreme court justices, police chiefs, actors, models, etc. We are fortunate enough to live in America where most people are level headed enough to see past what your organization truly is…an anti-semitic anti-israel bashing machine.

  10. free palestaine >>>>>> keep up the good work

  11. mohammad says:

    Good job. From Palestine all the respect and appreciation to you

  12. Mustafa.amro says:

    Really Amazing, when I saw your video I felt helpless since I am a Jordanian citizen from Palestinian origanos and cant speak and say what is on my mind without the need of looking behind every 2 seconds.
    for Palestinians out of their Land and into Arab countries are living a very hard lives (Lebanon and syria) specially.
    But in Jordan things are way better and it’s (some how) normal you wont feel discrimination unless you try to apply for governmental Jobs that are reserved 95% of time for pure Jordanians (don’t know if i gave a clear msg with this) but all in all Occupation should not exist in free world. and one day we will take our land back.

  13. Egy says:

    i am so glad that some people still see the real truth, also jews do not need a country so they can live. They already had a countries, japanese jew his/her country is japanese not israel, and if we are going to make countries according to religion this will be non-sense…we will have to divid earth
    anyway good luck guys and what you are doing is truely great :))

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