Ways you can help the BDS movement

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As many of you know the Portland BDS Coalition has been engaged in a campaign to pressure New Seasons Market to heed the call of Palestinian civil society in boycotting Israeli products until the occupation ends, the right of return is honored, and the Palestinian citizens of Israel receive full and equal rights.

The letter urging New Seasons to stop carrying Israeli products has gathered over 600 individual signatures and the endorsement of 9 local organizations. Organizers have handed out over 700 pamphlets in front of New Seasons stores, spoken to hundreds of customers about Israel’s human rights violations, and published several articles/letters in local and national papers educating readers about this effort.

Recent events in the Middle East have made it clear that the people of the region will no longer tolerate US backed dictatorships and are demanding real freedom and democracy for the region. US support for Israeli apartheid is no exception. Building the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement in the US is an important step in ending that support and helping to end our governments involvement in the historical injustices visited on that region.

The Portland BDS Coalition will be redoubling our efforts and escalating our campaign to put more pressure on New Seasons to support international law and human rights by removing their Israeli products but we cannot do this without your support!

Please consider helping our campaign in one or several of the following ways:

  1. Fill out a comment card when you visit New Seasons, ask them to stop supporting apartheid
  2. Email New Season’s customer services department, ask them to stop supporting apartheid
  3. Volunteer to help at our next informational action in front of a New Seasons store
  4. Sign the letter to New Seasons (Email us if your organization would like to sign the letter or if you would like us to present more details to your group about this campaign)
  5. Attend our Portland BDS Coalition meeting this Friday at 6:00 pm at PSU in the Smith Building Room 294 and help us plan upcoming actions to put more pressure on New Seasons!


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    I changed it on our website as well. Thanks

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