UPDATE: New Seasons has made it clear that it will not support the Boycott on Israeli goods.  In order to make your voices heard, continue to fill out comment cards and do not buy products made in Israel or containing Dead Sea salts.  Please sign the petition below.

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Please take a moment out of your day to support our local campaign to pressure New Seasons Market to stop carrying Israeli products by clicking on the link below and signing on to the letter.


As Desmond Tutu said:

The End of South African Apartheid stands as one of the crowning achievements of the last century, but we would not have succeeded without the help of international pressure.  There is no greater testament to the basic dignity of ordinary people everywhere than the divestment movement of the 1980s.  A similar movement has taken shape recently, this time aimed at ending Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. We should hope average citizens again rise to the occasion.

Please support this international movement by signing on to our letter urging New Seasons to stop carrying Israeli products until Apartheid ends!

Wael Elasady
Co-founder of SUPER

Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights – SUPER

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  1. ahwatukeefoothills says:

    Let’s boycott these flash mob idiots…
    completely ignorant

  2. Imtiyaz Rasheed says:

    What a terrific group, may God bless you and help you, I wish i still living in the states so I could help, I reside in Palestine now, and loving every moment of it, this home and always will be, though i lived in the states for 20 years and it was great, but being here among my people, and trying to work on things to change and improve it for Palestinian is my calling, thank you again, go forward and upward 🙂

  3. Sabrina says:

    Excellent Job, I love you guys. Keep it up and let’s stand beside the unfortunate against brutality and injustice.

    (Zionists stole my land)

  4. Fadi waleed says:

    God pless u my friends.

  5. إياس الريماوي says:

    I beleave any person with live Conscience will support the Boycott on Israeli goods. Plasetine is the last occupied country in the world and letting the Israelies get away with that is wrong.

  6. basel says:

    i don’t know what to say or what i feel, no word could describe your amazing effort that made us feel that we are not alone .. i’m from Egypt and after watching you guys, all the Egyptian are sharing your videos with all our prayers for you =)

  7. its a very creative way to raise awareness, i liked it so much, God bless you guys ,and thanks alot

  8. shahy says:

    plz support the boycott, support palestine from the terrorism of isreal

  9. Hello .. I just want to thank people all around the world for supporting our case .
    we really appreciate your offers because we are here in Palestine suffering every day ..

  10. Kamal says:

    i hope you continue your amazing work and don’t stop

  11. Hassen Khadri says:

    we all support you guys. may God Bless You

  12. we all support you guys. may God Bless You
    i really want to help this Boycott action

  13. Pierre Meur says:

    Living in Belgium. I support you. You are the hope of the humanism world.

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